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Getting to the Bottom of Benghazi


President Barack Obama has dismissed it as a political circus. Senator John McCain thinks it is a cover-up. Rep. Jason Chaffetz raises the spectre of impeachment.

Somewhere between a political circus and an impeachable offense is the truth about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Lybia, that resulted in the deaths of four Americans on Sept. 11, 2012.

The truth, of course, is seldom an absolute. That’s especially the case in politics where opinions legitimately differ, recall is never total, and facts and circumstances can generate more interpretations, descriptions, analyses, and conclusions than there are facts and circumstances.

We will never know exactly what happened in Benghazi, but we do know that four good people died there. We have reason to believe their deaths may have been prevented. We certainly don’t want their sacrifices to have been in vain. Continue reading

Obama, Benghazi, and Mark Sanford

Reprinted from TelemachusLeaps.com

There’s an axiom in Washington that goes like this: ‘The more words it takes to explain something, the more likely it is that you are lying’.

Think about it. It is always easier just to tell the truth and take your lumps and get over it somehow.

Lying takes a lot of work. Here’s some aphorisms about telling the truth versus lying that somehow seems to get forgotten by people when elected to higher public office:

‘It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place’.  ~H. L.Mencken Continue reading


Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

I haven’t been paying too much attention to the Benghazi thing. Fox News is fixated on it, but Fox gets fixated on a lot of things that don’t particularly interest me.

So I was pretty surprised when the Benghazi attacks resurfaced throughout the media yesterday and today, even on MSNBC. I didn’t watch the hearing live (I have a day job, and I was busy doing that day job), but I saw the news reports later.

A couple of things interested me.

Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer was central to the Benghazi investigation. Isn’t it amazing how the same people just keep showing up in the middle of all kinds of scandals. Continue reading