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Portman Best VP Pick

Reprinted from TheFeeheryTheory.com

John Nance Garner, the former Speaker of the House who would be promoted to become Franklin Roosevelt’s Vice President, called the higher job akin to a “warm bucket of spit.”

But that was Garner working with FDR.

A Vice President doesn’t have to just wait around for his boss to keel over. Some Vice Presidents actually do work.

Dick Cheney was an activist Vice President.  So was Al Gore, as was George H.W. Bush.  Joe Biden strives to be an activist, although he better serves as the Court Jester for Obamaworld.

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The Age of Digital Campaigns


Reprinted from mullings.com

 We’re probably within a week of the first Republican candidate to file papers opening an exploratory committee to “test the waters” in the 2012 Presidential campaign.

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